Electric motors powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, similar to those that power your laptop, tablet, smartphone…

Sustainable transportation that’s also wonderfully cost-saving

Conventional vehicles use internal combustion engines (ICEs); these generally run on gas or diesel, which are fossil fuels. Electrical vehicles (EVs) are different: they are powered by planet-friendly batteries. Simply externally power up your car or van using a battery charging station, then hit the road!

Such is the burgeoning popularity of electric vehicles, businesses are increasingly providing free electric vehicle charging at their premises, for staff. For those who park their vehicles at home (and perhaps need no EV-ownership incentivising from an employer!), simply charge overnight using a dedicated home charging port, and by the morning you’re good to go.

But what happens if you need to charge your fuel-efficient EV when you’re out and about?

Well, many motorway service stations nowadays see high-power rapid chargers for customers as a must-have; and, soon, every service station providing charging ‘on the go’ will be a given. Hotels, retail parks and supermarket car parks are also doing their bit towards making motoring cleaner and greener, by providing charging points for customers.

EV drivers generally find charging to be reasonably quick, affordable and hassle-free. ‘Going electric’ can also mean you’ll avoid things like Congestion Charges in major cities.

What’s more, opting for an EV, over a conventionally powered vehicle, can mean saying goodbye (or should that be ‘good riddance!’) to certain components such as fuel lines, fuel tanks and exhaust pipes.

Look good. Feel good. DO Good.

Make a smart investment in an EV from the Austin Motor Company, and promote British Motoring’s more ethical future, driving a superbly designed all-electric Austin car that’s kind to the environment but with no compromise to driving performance and sheer driving pleasure.

The new Austin Arrow. Looking back has never felt so forward-thinking.

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