AMC. Doing our bit to help tackle Climate Change.

For motorists it’s a win-win: play your part in reducing Global Warming emissions, and own an incredible car to boot!

Being cleaner (when it comes to air pollution) than petrol or diesel vehicles, Electric Vehicles (EVs), which are ethically manufactured with eco-friendly materials and fitted with emission-free batteries, provide a way for motorists everywhere to help protect the environment.

Being the proud owner of an environmentally friendly car or van means doing something good: avoid poisoning the air with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), which can be killers; reduce damage to ecosystems; and help Britain reach its goal of achieving net-zero emissions by no later than 2050.

EVs. The cleaner alternative, and simply a BETTER way to drive

Unquestionably, all science-led evidence points to EVs being the future. And the emergence of battery-powered EVs – which, unlike petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles, discharge no harmful emissions whilst being driven – has to be the most exciting breakthrough in planet-friendly vehicle design and production for decades, possibly even centuries.

Electrifying stuff!

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